Ronnie Lee Twist  (Johnny Cash)

Ned Mills  (Jerry Lee Lewis)

Chad Collins (Elvis)

Lead Guitar



*Sax   (Optional)

Stage and artistic Director

**Show is Charted and can use local musicians for out of town performances, cruise show shows, etc.

This show is a theater set, main stage performance.  

Requires house sound, house lighting and light and audio engineers.

Killer Cash & King

The show is family friendly and gets the audience invoved.  The players can also recognise people in the audience as well for birthdays or other milestones. 

Every song is a memory..and audience participation is encouraged. It's a good time!!!

This show is royalty free. All ASCAP and BMI are handled by KCK.

Killer Cash and King is a 1hour 15 minute ride into a show that never was but should have been....

It starts as a Jerry Lee Lewis concert (circa early 70's)  and evolves into an event featuring "Concert Crashers" Johnny Cash and Elvis.  As a result, the three of them interact with each other, and the band, sharing stories, songs and have a playful time with the audience.  The way it WOULD have been.  

The show concept is based in part on a Stuttgart, Germany concert where in 1981 Johnny Cash was crashed by Jerry Lee and Carl Perkins. The result was magic.  The album from that show, "The Survivors" was a huge success.

Killer Cash and King was a concept by Ronnie Lee Twist who plays Johnny Cash (and knew him as a matter of fact)  and written by Ronnie, Ned Mills (Jerry Lee) and Chad Collins (Elvis).